Episode 36 – MMO Communities, the Telltale Saga

Kamijace brings in two newcomers! Podcastitute (a proudly RECLAIMED name) and Susan Sprinkle! The two are FFXIV players who talk about their Free Company (guild for those of you who don't play FFXIV), the MMO community, and the ongoing Telltale saga. Plus, we learn more about Domini de Umbra, the Giglamesh-based FC tied to the Maelstrom Radio Podcast! And finally, some really good game recommendations!

Yes, the audio is kind of weird for Kamijace. That's what happens when you move into a room with more echo and less items!

You can find Podcastitute on Twitter: @Podcastitute
You can find Susan Sprinkle on Twitter: @Susan_Sprinkle
Check out the Domini de Umbra FC Twitter: @Domini_de_Umbra

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