Episode 45 – KH3/RE2, Metroid Prime 4

Kamijace brings on Samm and a new friend–Kasey, co-creator of Hustle Cat and co-founder of Green Solid! Together, the gang talks about their thoughts on two of the most anticipated games of the year: Kingdom Hearts 3 and Resident Evil 2, and they talk about Metroid Prime 4's delay. Plus, the group plays "Payneful Quotes"! It's a fun episode filled with nostalgia!

You can find Samm on Twitter: @Sammneiland
You can find Kasey on Twitter: @Spacekase
You can find Green Solid on Twitter or on the website: @greensolid or www.http://www.greensolid.net/ or Westfalls.town

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Special Guest: Samm Neiland.

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