Episode 39 – FFXIV, Square Enix, China Regulations, Extra Life

Kamijace brings on FFXIV friends Lucerna and Flattus. Lucerna details the goings-on in the Balmung Housing Market, as well as tells us all about her discord server for Balmung housing! Plus, Flattus jumps in to chat about FanFest and speculations about what exciting things Square Enix has behind the curtain! Plus, news from the world of FFXV, hard gaming regulations in China, and Extra Life stories! It's all here!

You can find Lucerna on Tumblr: http://darkestaftermidnight.tumblr.com/
Join her Balmung-housing Discord! – https://discord.gg/mRuMsqR

You can find Flattus on Twitter: @Flattuss
You can find Maelstrom Radio on Twitter or their website! – https://www.maelstromradio.com/
Check out their Extra Life Campaign! –

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Special Guests: Flattus and Lucerna.

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