Episode 38 – #BGE2Fairpay, Gaming in Mainstream, Deltarune & Smash

Jason Youth joins Kamijace to talk about #BGE2Fairpay, a petition started by Jason dealing with music and artist rights between Ubisoft and HitRecord. Then, later, Jace plays a new game with his guests, Jason, Hay and Marcy. And later they discuss Deltarune and Smash! It's all here!

You can find Jason on Twitter @JasonYouth28 – Check out the #BGE2FairPay Petition here: https://www.change.org/p/artists-the-hitrecord-community-bge2fairpay
You can find Marcy on Twitter @Shadolith
You can find Hay on Twitter @HaybayIsland

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Special Guests: Haybay Rhiannon and Marcy Nabors.

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