Day: December 31, 2017

Episode 9 – A Cooldown New Year’s Eve

For a very special New Year's Eve episode, Kamijace brings back some Guests of the Year–Hay, Marcy and Paul–to talk about 2017's best games, best game music, and the games they're looking forward to in 2018. Plus, Hay and Paul start planning for their duet cover of Persona 5 songs(maybe?)! It's a really fun, really great episode to bring in the New Year, thank you for joining us! See you in 2018!

You can find Hay on Twitter @Haybayrhiannon
You can find Paul on Twitter @Paulsrockintwit
You can find Marcy on Twitter @Shadolith

Check out Marcy getting scared of the Guardian here:
Check out Paul's meme-ing here:

You can now find the Weekly Cooldown on Twitter @WkCooldown !

Twitter: @Kamijacegaming / @WkCooldown

Intro music by Captive Portal/Zach Brider
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Special Guests: Haybay Rhiannon, Marcy Nabors, and Paul Henderson.

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